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tv   Eyewitness News at 6  CBS  September 22, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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>> thirty-fifth district received a radio call from a large crowd, juveniles and young adults, walking south, from broad and olney towards einstein hospital. we don't know why the shooting took place just right outside of einstein hospital. >> reporter: police say a 15 year-old student was shot to death, a little further down the the street directly outside of the main entrance to the einstein medical center, a 19 year-old was shot and critically wounded, and is now, fighting for his life. >> we don't have a in motive but we know there was a large crowd, just before the shooting came out. >> reporter: and moments ago police commissioner charles ramsey told me there are quite simply too many guns on the streets of philadelphia and too many easily available, in this case, two teenagers, perhaps even students who are simply fighting at a subway station one moment and next moment involved in bullets flying. right now a search is on for
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one suspect believed to be a teen, so far not april pre ended. but commissioner adds with video cameras outside this hospital and busy transit hub at broad and olney he does expect that charges will be forthcoming soon. live from olney outside einstein medical center, i'm walt hunter, cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> walt, thank you. another day of intense searching in the poconos foreman who ambushed two pennsylvania state troopers. "eyewitness news" reporter diana rocco is live in monroe county with the very latest, diana? >> reporter: tonight state troopers say with every passing hour they are gaining on whereabouts of eric frein, today they have focused the search on the northern part of the monroe county near the pike county border, not too far from here. investigators believe it is only a matter of time. day ten in the hunt for eric matthew frein and state police say they are getting close. >> we have had some reports of sightings, and we are following up on each of those as you are well aware, there
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is a lot of activity down in the northern end of monroe county. >> reporter: the the 31 year-old is accuse of ambushing two pennsylvania state troopers killing 38 year-old corporal brian dickson outside blooming grove barracks. throughout monroe county the search has intensified. a day ago police found an assault rifle and ak-47 magazine clips in thickly wooded terrain where frein is believed to be hiding. >> troopers are out there very actively. the fbi is out there very actively and i feel very confident, that we should be able to apprehend this individual. >> reporter: frein is a survivor list and expert marksman. investigators say he is gunning for law enforcement. >> until we apprehend this individual, please continue to use common sense, in this instance, this is a very dangerous situation. >> reporter: shelter in place order has been lifted and surrounding towns. schools are closed still for a sixth straight day, and many are nervous but eager to get their lives back.
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>> people are wondering what is going on, when will they find this guy. he could possibly be in a boat right now going down to delaware, nobody really knows. >> reporter: governor corbett said today that the night state troopers were ambushed frein did have the opportunity to target civilians yet he did not. pennsylvania state police are using advanced technology to try to track frein but resident and everybody in the area is still warned to stay vigilant. keep homes and cars locked. we're live from monroe county tonight, i'm diana rocco for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> diane, thank to you that update. national transportation safety board is investigating a deadly bus crash in new castle delaware. two people died, two dozen were injured. our steve paterson has details on the up investigation. >> reporter: aftermath, new castle. an accident scene, so violent witnesses say it felt like the fall out from a battle.
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>> everyone was crying, and bleeding out, and screaming for help. >> reporter: the scene scattered debris and wounded, manhattan bound sight seer tour bus on the way back from washington sunday afternoon, moments after it flipped on its roof and skidded in an embankment in new castle delaware killing two, injuring all 48 hours. >> it was almost like from a war zone, everybody is so cut up, missing bits and pieces of arm and face and there was in one on the scene without blood on them. >> reporter: police say 54 year-old hawaii chen was from new york city was thrown out of the business and died. another from turkey died in the hospital hours later. meanwhile the driver 56 year-old jen li zoa is being treated for non-life threatening injuries. he is being questioned. so far they have rule out drugs and alcohol. he works at the the new york based touring company that contracted the 18 year-old bus. we heard from his collogues, fellow driver jerry. >> he is a very experienced
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driver, a senior drive, he drive more than 20 years, so i don't know what happened to him. >> reporter: despite requests for a comment no word yet from the owner of the bus that 50 people boarded and in one left unharmed. medical officials are telling me at this point at least 20 people are in christiana hospital with some sort of an injured while one remains in critical condition. in the meantime, police say that they are in the filing any charges in this case at least at this point as the ntsb gets ready to launch their separate investigation. reporting from new castle delaware i'm steve paterson for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". breaking right now man barricaded himself inside a home in west deptford new jersey. west deptford police identified that man as 24 year-old william schickel this eyewitness cam video just in the news room. it shows swat members at the house in the 1,000 block of buckingham drive. authority say they were trying to survey warrant for
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violating parole were a shot was fired inside of the home. it is unknown if anyone was hurt. well, security guards are on height and he alert at the white house today after two security breaches in the past few days. this is one suspect omar gonzales, he is an iraqi war veteran who is seen here running across the north lawn after jumping and fence. he was actually able to walk in through the doors of the north portico at the white house and had a knife with him at the time. he was in court today. we have learned that police found 800 round have of ammunition in the man's car, but no gun. meantime less than a day later kevin carr, a teenager from shamong new jersey was accused of trying to enter a barricaded entry way to the white house. it is day two of the a nurses strike at crozer-chester medical center in delaware county. the nurses are on the picket line protesting pensions, pay cuts and staffing. one of those nurses won't be able to return to the job until friday because the hospital had to hiree placements and guarantee them
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five days of work. the two sides are expected to return to the bargaining table tomorrow. crozer keystone released a statement saying quote crozer-chester medical center is continuing to deliver high quality patient care on the second day of the strike by registered nurses. that statement goes on to say surveyors from the pennsylvania department of health are on site daily at crozer as required during a work action and they have reported that the quality of care has been maintain. well, is there developing news right now, the pennsylvania house has approved philadelphia's schools so-called saving grace, a $2 per pack cigarette tax but this is not a done deal just yet n a 114-84 vote that measure made its way through the house and now goes on to the senate. they could take action as soon as tomorrow. if the bill ace proved it could london governor corbett's desk for his promised signature before the end of the week. philadelphia police need your help tonight, they are looking for a man in connection with the murder investigation along the schuylkill river. police are looking for 42
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year-old tam lee tonight. he is wanted in connection with the stabbing death of two brothers whose bodies were dumped in the river last month. one man survived the attack and alerted the authorities. $40,000 rewar is being offered for the at rest and conviction of lee. well to day a judge ordered a new trial for a philadelphia man who spent 23 years behind bars for rape and murder. >> as "eyewitness news" reporter syma chowdhry tells us the man will get a new trial because of new testing of dna evidence. >> reporter: the family of the convicted murderer embraced each other after learning that new dna evidence could prove the man's innocence. anthony wright had been convicted of the rape and murder of 77 year-old louise tally, she was attacked and robbed in her home on ninth street back in 1991. lawyers with the innocence project say that new dna evidence proves that wright did not the commit the crime but you someone else did. >> it was then run through a federal database and it
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matched exactly through someone named ronnieberg shore came from philadelphia, who lived nearby where this occurred and who unfortunately is now deceased. >> reporter: defense attorneys say wright was forced to confess to murder during 1993 child. >> he was compelled to sign that confession. that is how science explains it. >> reporter: anthony wright junior was only a child when his father was convicted and says his family maintains helps innocence. >> i'm my father's child. i know that in my being that, that is something i wouldn't do and i know the same continuing with my father. >> reporter: d.a.'s office will retry wright. assistant district attorney mark gillson says dna evidence will prove that wright is still guilty, he just didn't act alone. >> every piece of evidence in this case proves that anthony wright is the killer. all of the dna evidence does is prove that maybe someone else, sexually assaulted her. >> reporter: at the time of the arrest wright was 20 years old and he spent 23 years behind bars. if convicted again, he could
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continue to face life in prison without parole. >> anthony wright was, is, and always will be guilty for the murder of louise tally. >> wright is now being held, without bail. a pretrial hearing is set for next tuesday. in center city, syma chowdhry for cbs-3 "eyewitness news". new developments tonight in the attack on a gay couple in center city. last week police released video of a dozen people that included persons of interest in that attack. the members of the group were interviewed by law enforcement. police now say they have finish their investigation and the district attorney's office is looking into possible charges. welshing philadelphia is on the cutting edge in the fight against a deadly virus. still to come here on the broadcast our health reporter stephanie stahl will show us how jefferson is lead willing the way in the battle against ebola. a hike turns traj nick north jersey after a group runs into a black bear on the trail. the kathy? any clouds out there this evening will quickly dissipate
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as fall begins tonight and then all eyes go to the developing coastal storm, where will it go? we will look at possibilities coming up in weather, hi beasley. eagles victory came at a cost, more injury problems on the offensive line. i have an update. shady mccoy weighs in on the team's best start since 2004, three-o facing 49ers out west, we will hear from shady coming three-o facing 49ers out west, we will hear from shady coming
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tonight at 11:00, glass flying every where, television left this local woman, frustrated, and it is not just tv's that are exploding. could your family be at risk? jim donovan has a warning you don't want to miss, tonight at 11:00 o'clock. a rutgers university student, died in a weekend bear attack in new jersey. that attack happened in the the preserve in west milford, that is in passaic county. officials believe 22-year old d.a.rsh pat el twisted his ankle and fell. police found a bear near body and euthanized it. tests are underway to confirm that was the bear responsible. on the healthwatch tonight a philadelphia hospital finds
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itself on the front lines in finding a treatment for the ebola virus. >> three on your side health reporter have stephanie stahl has more on what was a late afternoon meeting. >> reporter: big update on this, ebola out break has been especially troubling because there is no way to treat it or prevent virus from spreading. today doctors and researchers on the front lines of this out break were here in philadelphia for an update on a promising new treatment, being developed here. >> this is where we have survivors. >> reporter: inside jefferson vaccine center the race is on to develop a treatment for the ebola a virus. >> it is every step that is kind of a challenge. >> reporter: this doctor is leading the jefferson team collaborating with the national institutes of helton an ebola vaccine that is based on the already established rabies vaccine. it is a quickies i way to get ebola vaccine rolling and it has work in lab animals. >> but now we have seem to be close to get tonight to humans. >> reporter: thomas jefferson university hosted leaders from west african leaders and
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leaders from the ebola out break and progress report on the vaccine. with financial report the the jefferson vaccine could be hurried and potentially be available in six to ten months. >> we just want to collaborate, we want to make impact in the long run. >> reporter: jefferson's ebola vaccine is described as promising but there are others in development. white will hope toys eradicate the virus a a vaccine would probably initially help treaty bowl a and reduce symptoms and it's a built to spread. >> i'm anxious to hear this. >> reporter: doctors say the ebola virus is exploding, with american 5300 cases in five countries, over 2600 people have been killed, by the epidemic. >> it is scary but i think we can address it. >> reporter: now the jefferson ebola vaccine is designed to activate the immune system to produce large amounts of anti bodies that would guard against several different strains of this virus. at this point lots happening but they don't know exactly when this might be tested in humans. >> okay, tremendous work they are doing and it will make a
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big difference, we hope. >> thanks very much. well, america's railroad is looking to hire american heroes. >> amtrak hosted a veterans job fare at philadelphia's 30th street station earlier today. so this hiring event focused on real transportation industry jobs for veterans as well as active military members and their spouses. the the company wants 25 percent of its new hires to be veterans by the end of 2015. we are saying good bye to what has been a wonderful summer. >> it has? saying hello to fall. >> it feels like it. >> it does, this is last afternoon of summer, not so bad but cool, and tonight it will be very cool, so get that extra blanket, maybe the fleece tomorrow morning. we have had other cool mornings but tomorrow morning we will be feeling like fall, and then a little bit of the cool trend before summer's fight back. we will take a look at that in the seven day. outside we have a beautiful afternoon, a few clouds but as soon as that sunsets and we will lose that day time
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heating within the the next hour unfortunately we will be seeing those clouds, go away. down the shore a very pretty afternoon as well, not many folks on the boards on this last summer afternoon in ocean city but still a very pretty place to be. our live neighborhood network takes as you cross the area to show you some of the high temperatures for today, not too bad, below average but just by 3 degrees in philadelphia at the the airport. seventy-three for the high. dover air force base seven 36789 evan grove high school in west grove pennsylvania 72. cinnaminson at eleanore rush elementary school the high is 72 degrees. not a huge range in temperature from pennsylvania, new jersey, to delaware. right now we're cooling it down, 69 degrees in philadelphia. that sun gets really lower in the the sky. sixty-seven in trenton. sixty-seven in millville. fifty-four in the poconos. the average high in philadelphia this time of the year is 76 degrees. so a cool late afternoon. we will have those northwesterly win at ten to 15 miles an hour gusting to 30. earlier now gusting to about 20 miles an hour. as i mentioned the clouds will
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be dissipating as those wind diminish and we will see the clearing skies late tonight. future weather shows us high pressure building in from the ohio valley during the the day on tuesday. another lovely day for the first day of fall. wean watch this developing low pressure system moving up the eastern see game. the the big question is how strong is this high and where exactly is this low going to go. two of the computer models are taking this right into the philadelphia area and right up that 95 corridor bringing us rain for wednesday night and thursday morning and maybe into thursday afternoon but a couple of our models are pulling us eastwar. we will have have to watch this evolve and see if we have a consensus on exactly where this goes. right now we are just talking about rain and wind but it could be heavier rain if that area of low pressure tracks inland. overnight mainly clear, really chilly, 50 in the city but much cool ever in our suburbs. don't be deceived by that particular number. fall begins this evening, at 10:29. when we wake up tomorrow morning for the first morning
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of fall, well, look at this, poconos 40 in the higher elevations, some 30's, allentown 45, and philadelphia is 50, and lots of 40's especially inland south jersey, even reading, and lancaster in the mid 40's. we have sunny and pleasant high temperature 7o not much win but deep blue sky. on the exclusive seven day forecast, wednesday looks nice but clouds will be on the increase with that low to our south, and we will be feeling those northwesterly wind ahead of that storm system. rosh horn shan begins sunset and will be a pleasant evening. rain coming on wednesday night into thursday. depending on the track of the storm will determine how much rain we do get. certainly the shore and delaware will see the rain. friday, saturday, sunday summer rewind back in the 80's. >> there we go. >> yes. >> thank, kathy. >> you bet. good afternoon, 6:20. things starting to lighten up just a little bit but we are at tail even of rush hour right now. i-95 having problems in the north and southbound sides
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this afternoon just at ridley here southbound you can see really stop ape go heading toward ridley. in problems on the northbound lanes where the headlights are coming in. on our cameras here in the vine street expressway in center city toward i-95 eastbound. heading toward schuylkill expressway you can see a little bit of the jam up there out in bucks county an accident route 202 parkway at route 611. stay right there, some people think vegetables are boring. but with green giant's delicious seasonings and blends, we just may change their minds. ho ho ho green giant! you say avocado old el paso says... zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff tortillas . (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas
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old el paso says... start somewhere fresh i've lived hewith my mother, forty--four who is ninety--nine. people who do not live in delaware county need to know that tom mcgarrigle raised our taxes five times. five times in seven years. meanwhile tom mcgarrigle gave a million dollar subsidy to an energy company. tom mcgarrigle is not looking out for regular families or seniors at all.
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we need john kane in the senate. he gets regular families.
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still their heroics came in come back mode and shady said they just can't keep stumbling out of the blocks. >> it is the same, as other weeks, we have to do better job of executing. scoring on majority of our drives. you know, you have to close it. you have to win the close ones. that is what good teams do. >> offensive line injuries can wreck a season. loss of jason kelce is significant if he is out for a long time. he suffered a abdomen injury in the third quarter. he will have surgery and miss several weeks. >> we have in m ot e, he works hard and he has to step up. he is not kelce but he can play. so, he has to step up and take care have business next week. >> flyers start exhibition season tonight against capitols, the the regular season starts october the eighth, in boston, flyers head coach craig beruby loves to drop the gloves in the playing days. what did he think of the
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yesterday's dust up across the street at the link. >> did you watch the eagles game yesterday, by chance. >> i caught a quite a bit of it. >> how about peters deeven ifing the quarterback. >> i got a good laugh, yes. >> i could have jumped down in there and helped. >> he wouldn't need help. >> he could do his thing. >> great stuff. >> he could do his thing. >> great stuff. great weekend, b just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at
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thanks for watching at 6:00. we are back at ten on the cw philly. we are back here on cbs-3 at 11:00. "cbs evening news" is next. reporting tonight from new york here's scott pelley.
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>> pelley: tonight his car was loaded with ammunition. new details about the iraq war veteran who got into the white house and new questions about how the secret service let it happen. major garrett has the latest. chip reid reports the owner of the baltimore ravens is defying he lobbied for a lighter penalty for ray rice. jordan's king has a warning about the isis terrorists. >> this is truly a global fight against terror. >> pelley: and carter evans is at the scene of a huge wildfire threatening 12,000 california homes. it's already destroyed theirs. >> you built this home with you own hands? >> yes. >> what's it like to know it's not there? >> devastating. captioning sponsored by cbs this i"c